Kit Kat

The Kit Kat Lounge has drag brunch. Some people have scoffed at me when I’ve suggested drag brunch, but nothing give me energy and cures my hangover quite like a drag queen hunty! My main problem with brunch is usually that I’m too hungover to enjoy myself and end up spending much of the time just trying to keep my stomach calm, put in some bread and starch, and ignore eye contact. But when there are drag queens around, I suddenly feel my energy level rise!

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Somehow, with a queen egging (ha!) me on, I can eat a fucking benedict platter, four mimosas, a piece of cake, and leave feeling magnificent!

The onllllyyyyyy problem with Kit Kat brunch is how many of the same folks go there, how many of them were probably where I was last night, and my innate sense of shame for whatever embarrassing shit I forgot happened last night.

But it does feel like a community building activity!