Of course, there are mixologists all over this city who just can’t let a good mimosa be and while I find the practice tedious, I am fooorrrr it!
Some of the wackiest specialty mimosas I’ve tried follow:
• Watermelon Mimosa – this was sweet, pretty, and most importantly HYDRATING! It’ easy too – 2/3 champagne, 1/3 watermelon juice, a splash of lime. Serve it in a flute!
• Herbal Mimosas – I like an herbal mimosa when I’m a little dressed up. Something about the idea of suffering through not only heels, but ginger or thyme in what’s supposed to be a sweet drink just really appeals to my sensitivities.
• Sell Dental Practice – how did this even get in here?
• Berry Mimosa – this is usually just a regular-ass mimosa with a raspberry thrown in, a strawberry garnishing the rim, or some frozen pomegranate seeds in there to keep it chilly. I’m for it.
• Cider Mimosa – this is just sparkling cider in place of Champagne in a mimosa. It’s delicious. It’s a little boring but it tastes good and I stan.